Legalize Boobs

I don’t know if it’s just my selective perception, but I have the impression that women are often reduced to their breasts and are accused of bad intentions when they show cleavage. Comments like: “She shows cleavage to pull the Simps’ money out of their pockets.” are ubiquitous not only on the internet, but also in real life.

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Waiting for Spring

Winter is not over yet, the nights are still very cold, but the good news is, the days are getting longer and during the day it is already quite pleasant in the sunshine, spring is already around the corner.

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Last Gal Standing

For more than half of my life I had to struggle to survive, every single day, I was lonely and homeless. I had to defend myself against attackers and I never knew what I would have to eat the next day. Living on the streets has taught me my lessons the hard way.

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When it gets cold outside, it gets cozy inside

When the snow covers the landscape on a cold winter’s day and nature has fallen into a peaceful sleep, then there is nothing better than snuggling up in bed.

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Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend, but Shoes are

It’s a fact, shoes are my weak point. Does that make me a sex object that men can freely dispose of? No, I do not think so. Am I the bad girl because I dress the way I dress? What about those who project their perverse thoughts on me? Think about it.

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Silence before the Storm

Something big is approaching us, dark clouds of foreboding are piling up on the horizon. You can feel the tension in the electrified air, it’s almost like feeling the discharge on your skin. It seems as if time has stopped, everything is silent, a deceptive peace.

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