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LIFE IS GOOD… Enjoy the goodness of life with ~SDI~ and the team!!!


Skinny Dip Inn, also known as SDI, is a Nude Beach Resort and Dance Club, founded over 10 years ago in 2006 and is very popular among Second Life Residents. SDI is always worth a visit.

SLurl to SDI

Rated: Adult

Skinny Dip Inn has a lot to offer, there are two main spots, one is the marketplace at the landing area with many shops to spend your Lindens in. It’s also some kind of a meeting point, there are always people around you can chat with.

Main Stage
Main Stage

The other spot is the main stage at the center of the Sim, where you have DJs from all around the world, playing nearly 24/7 all kinds of music. For a time schedule you can have a look at SDI’s Homepage. Lovely Hosts taking care of you and ensuring everyone having a good time.

There are always nice people hanging around the main stage, it’s a good place to find some new friends, or just having fun chatting with people. But be warned, if you have a beautiful female avatar, it’s most likely that you will be hit up by a lot of guys, most of them are nice and just trying their luck, but you also may encounter some rude behavior. If that happens please report those guys to the staff of SDI.

Cuddle Time
Cuddle Time

Beside the two main spots there are also some other places where you can just relax or having some fun with your friends, including virtual sex. You will find places like a beach with loungers, a grotto with waterfall and a Tiki village. And if you want some privacy, there are also Beach Houses you can rent for yourself.

One very important note, and this applies to any other Adult rated Sim, if you are using the furniture which have sex animations inside, please do yourself a favor and do not go AFK while using them, even if you’re only sunbathing. It can happen, that someone other takes control over your animations, and the time you are returning from AFK you may find yourself having sex with a stranger.

That’s all for now folks, go to SDI, check it out yourself, have fun, enjoy your time and stay safe.

Photo Gallery
Skinny Dip Inn
SLurl to SDI

Rated: Adult
Dress Code and Rules of SDI:

Dress code for the Skinny Dip Inn is Nude Or Swim wear only, however this does not apply to renters on the sim *INSIDE* their rental home, outside of their homes dress code applies as normal.
The shopping area and timber deck area you are free to wear whatever clothing you wish to flaunt, show off, be sexy, or just look plain old nice, it is up to you, we do not want Cars or Mechanicals being robots and anything NON human.. body armor is fine.

We appreciate you adhering to the SIM guidelines, this makes the staffs task a lot easier to maintain that nice mellow balance as it should be on any loving sim. 

Things not permitted on sanded areas at SDI:

Cut offs.
Loin cloths.
Long dress pants..
Long sleeve shirts.
Wraps.. Sarongs.. Skirts.. Silks.
Dress shorts.. No belt loops, zipper, pockets, buttons etc.. (Board shorts and swim trunks are allowed)
No add on flapping penises and the like or Blood effects.
No towels that are made to look as if they are covering an erection

Admin and staff will not argue with you if they feel the situation requires further action taken, we pride ourselves on being Fair and Just.
I assure you each complaint will be brought to the owners attention and the staff member will be consulted as to why the action was taken and assessed and dealt with accordingly.


Please be respectful of our staff. They are here as volunteers to make SDI more enjoyable for YOU.

Spamming of local chat with unnecessary gestures and or senseless random rubbish type over and over and over again will be frowned upon along with Linking in local, PLEASE refrain from doing so, IM your friend the link. 

Dance animation/music On/OFF adds become annoying to some if continuously used, some can travel a long distance and disrupt other from listening to the DJ playing a set or just the local stream, PLEASE consider others when using these.

!!Warning!! Weapons ARE permitted on the Skinny Dip Inn sim as decorative items only, they will be Holstered, sheathed and or tucked away and not in hand at anytime, if you do take weapons in hand it will be taken as an act of hostility and aggression and the staff have the right to eject you WITHOUT warning, you may or may NOT be warned.
We let you wear them here, please be responsible and respect others.

Horse riding is permitted in unpopulated areas only. It is not permitted in the marketplace or in any part of the center of the sim where the dance area is. 

Any advertising of any sort with out permission from Ceirdwyn or LordGrim is not permitted. 
This will result in receiving a permanent ban no questions asked.

Harassment and Drama toward anyone will not be tolerated. 
SDI has a unique and varied group of visitors. So please respect each others differences, we as staff try to keep differences leveled and polite and tolerable to most, please work with us and not against us, we are not perfect : )

There are several public areas for you to enjoy as well as some more secluded areas. Feel free to explore and most importantly Have Fun.

Do not click any attachments another avatar might be wearing including jewelry, and/or body attachments without permission.

Do not click on items or take control of menus being used by others. 

Full Erections are not permitted unless in use with a partner in the Sex Areas. If you are walking around with a newbie banana, a permanent erection or massive cock you will be asked to remove it. This is to also includes Over Sized Breasts.

We do not permit Escorting, Prostitution, or Age play of ANY kind anywhere on the SIM. Anyone found doing so will be banned WITHOUT warning, you have been WARNED!!!. Also if found wearing a group tag promoting such behavior you will be asked to remove it.

While we do allow Furries, and other creatures, we do not allow menacing or grotesque avatars (you know the kind) nor do we permit Biting, Hunting. Extremely oversized avatars are not allowed. Face humping animations will be considered as a grieve tool and will not be permitted (Bannable)


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